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Mei Hua

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'Mei Hua' Bookmark

The 'Mei Hua' Bookmark is inspired by plum flowers. In the Chinese cuture, the plum blossom stands for braveness and courage. This makes 'Mei Hua' the perfect tool to battle

with long reading nights and everlasting tales!

When using 'Mei Hua', the plum blossom hides in between the pages, while the cubic zirkonia stone keeps sparkling on the book cover. A perfect gift for young and old, him and her!

The colours of the cubic zirkonia and the ribbon can be individually chosen by the customer.

(Please have a look at the 'Shop' section to find more details.)

Cubic Zirkonia Colours:

Diamond, Honey, Orange, Garnet,

Lavender, Topaz, Amethyst,

Peridot, Pink, Emerald, Onyx.

Ribbon Colours:

White, Yellow, Light/Dark Green,

Orange, Red, Light/Dark Blue,

Light/Dark Purple, Pink, Raspberry,

Light/Dark Gray, Coffee, Black.

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