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                                                 [Prunk] pageantry pomposity pomp



Thank you so much for indulging in the world of ProonK!


ProonK was founded in December 2011 by German Jewellery Artist Lisa Juen.


In 2007, Lisa graduated from the Masters program, MA Jewellery, Silversmithing & Related Products, at the School of Jewellery in Birmingham, UK. Since 2012, Lisa lives in Utica, NY, where she set-up her jewellery studio and the home of ProonK.


One of Lisa's passions is to travel. In traveling, Lisa finds a lot of inspiration. So after her studies, it took her to Shanghai, China, where she stayed to teach Jewellery Design for five years. Next to Lisa's work at the college, she continued pushing her artistic jewellery practice. You can find Lisa's art work here:


Many of Lisa's art jewellery pieces have been and are on display in international galleries around the world. For Lisa, it is a great feeling having work displayed in a gallery and showing it to people but after a while, she found that the circle of people who have access to the jewellery, is very limited. This might be because of the exclusivity or the price tag of the work or maybe because the scene is still fairly small and unknown.


In 2011, Lisa decided to do something about it. She wanted to make great concepts and designs in jewellery available to a broad audience. She wanted to offer jewellery that unites innovative design, technology and craftmanship on an affordable level.


ProonK was born.

The name ProonK derives from the German word 'Prunk', which means as much as pomposity, pageantry, pomp.

ProonK stands for everyday statement pieces. It is meant to bring a little sparkle in the ordinary and give you this little extra of BLING.


Lisa's artistic practice constantly develops and very often takes a variety of directions. A lot of times, her artistic practice and her work for ProonK influences each other and overlaps.The first ProonK collection for example, 'Globalorettes', is made from stainless steel and cubic zirconia. However, Lisa's most recent collection has moved back towards more traditional making techniques and materials. After a long period of experimenting in more unusual materials, Lisa felt the urge to get back to her roots again. This can also be seen in Lisa reconnecting with techniques she learned when she was a small child. Lisa very much enjoys hand-crocheting her jewellery, making it possible for each piece to be an individual. The crocheting and enameling process never gets boring. Each piece looks different and shows her a new beautiful face once it is completed.


It is important to Lisa to think that the future owners of her jewellery will also see and appreciate those slight nuances that make ProonK jewellery special.


The materials used in the crocheted 'Lace' Collection are pure Fine Silver 999 and kiln fired glass enamel. All pieces are made by hand in Lisa's Utica, NY studio, from crocheting to making the base structures to firing the jewellery in the kiln.


We hope you enjoy Lisa's work! Thank you for stopping by the realm of ProonK!


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