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The 'Globalorettes' Collection is a series of little brooches based on an insect/flower theme.


Insects very often come with a negative connatation, which in most cases does not do them justice.
On a closer look, those little creatures reveal their beauty in the detail.


Since each 'Globalorette' is hand-assembled and none of them looks the same, ProonK would like to share this individuality with the wearer.

Each 'Globalorette' comes with a certificate of origin and a running number that is engraved in the back of the brooch to ensure that each 'Globalorette' is UNIQUE!  


All brooches are made of stainless steel, CZ, LED, light-switch, cable and battery case. The colour of the LED and CZ stone can be individually chosen by YOU!


LED colours to chose from: White, Yellow, Green, Blue, Red, Rainbow.


Stone colours to chose from: Diamond, Light Purple, Dark Purple, Orange, Pink, Yellow, Dark Red, Light Green.

(Please have a look at the 'Shop' section to find further details.)


  • Twitter Metallic
  • Facebook Metallic
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