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'MayBarb' - Mayabug

'MayBarb' - Mayabug

'MayBarb' - Maybug

The 'Globalorettes' are a series of little brooches based on an insect/flower theme. Insects very often come with a negative connotation, which in most cases does not do them justice.
On a closer look, those little creatures reveal their beauty in the detail. Just think of Christopher Marley and his bug art!

The 'Globalorettes' are special little insects with the perfect amount of BLING! With one little click, a tiny LED light behind the stone will light up and the magic begins! Be prepared to be the talk of each party and event you attend with this little friend!

Since each 'Globalorette' is hand-made from lasercut stainless steel and none of them looks the same, ProonK would like to share this individuality with the wearer.
Each 'Globalorette' comes with a certificate of origin and a running number that is engraved in the back of the brooch to ensure that each 'Globalorette' is UNIQUE!

All brooches are made of stainless steel, CZ, LED, light-switch, cable and battery case. The colour of the LED and CZ stone can be individually chosen. Please indicate stone and LED colours during check-out.

The 'Globalorettes' operate with a C2032 battery that can be exchanged, if required.

When ordering, please allow a few days for the piece to be hand-made. Your pieces will be shipped out as soon as possible.
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