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ProonK’s ‘Lace’ Collection, is inspired by childhood memories from my home in Germany. In my family, needle-work has played a very important role from an early age. The ‘Lace’ Collection is a celebration and reconnection to those days of togetherness, creation and fun. I believe that the spirit of community can be seen in the pieces with a modern twist in the form of simple geometric shapes and structures.


The entire ProonK 'Lace' Collection is hand-crocheted and handmade from 999 fine silver and kiln-fired enamel.


Each 'cap', 'chili', 'bell' and 'bud' of the series is individually crocheted, which makes each shape an original. There are no two shapes that look the same, ensuring that each piece has its own individual character.


Once the cap, chilis, buds and bells are crocheted from silver wire, they are enameled in the kiln.


The caps for the 'Lace Button' Earrings are enameled on the outside and fused to the base of the earring. The inside of the earring is also enameled but in a different color, making it possible to play with a big range of color variations.


All silver components are made from pure 999 Fine Silver/925 Sterling Silver and mounted by hand from beginning to end. No castings are used, which again, ensures a very individual character in each piece. Therefore, slight variations in shape can occur.


If you are interested in your very own color variation, please let me know! I am very happy to make the design of your liking individually for you!


Just write an e-mail to info@ with your specifications.


For online purchases, please visit the ProonK Etsy shop:

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